Call for Nominations

ACCBC is seeking nominations for the following positions on the Addiction Counselor Certification Board of California for one, two and three year terms commencing April 30, 2018to March 31, 2021:

1 Board member position for one year term, 3 committee member positions for 1 year terms

Who May Stand for Election?   

  • A current/active member of addiction treatment or mental health community, possessing a valid addiction treatment counselor certification or a licensed clinician who is no less than 18 years of age, is currently working in profession with a willingness to serve on the Board of Directors.

Who may NOT stand for election?

  1. Those not working in the profession
  2. Students

Who May Nominate for Election?   

  1. A current/active member may nominate any duly qualified current/active member for election to the Board of Directors:
  2. Self-nominations are encouraged
  3. The nomination form must be signed by a nominator.
  4. Nominators may nominate one candidate only.
  5. The candidate must sign the nomination form providing consent for the nomination.

How are Directors elected?

  1. Directors are elected by a majority vote of the ACCBC
  2. Voting shall be at scheduled annual board meeting (April 20th, 2018).

How do I submit my nomination?

  1. Fax or email the nomination form and submit the following information:Fax: 562-275-3150 Email:
  2. Signed ACCBC Board Candidate Nomination Form
  3. Curriculum vitae (CV) or resume

Deadline for submission?

  1. April 17th 2018
  2. Incomplete applications, applications received after the deadline date/time and those received in a manner other than the online submission form will not be accepted.