ACCBC Update 12-7-18

Esteemed Colleagues, counselors, students and stakeholders,
Time for another update on our progress. As you know, we have been working very closely with DHCS during this transitional period. We are very close to completing this process. In the next week or two you will notice changes to our website, updated content, revised forms and a transfer/reinstatement page for those who want to come back to the ACCBC. We are aware of the continued challenge many of you face during this period of transition, and we are hopeful this challenge will be resolved soon. Once we are approved by DHCS, they will send out a notification and then we will begin accepting applications once again, but not until then.
Important reminder: If you are providing counseling services in a licensed and/or certified AOD facility, you must be registered or certified by one of the DHCS recognized certifying agencies, CADTP or CCAPP.
We thank you for your patience and understanding during this very challenging process and we will continue to keep you updated and informed of any developments. Once DHCS sends out the notification of our approval, you will once again be able to register, renew, and become certified and you will be able to do all this online if you choose.
We continue to be sincerely grateful to all of you who have stood by us during this challenging time and who are waiting to rejoin our ranks to continue leading the charge for higher standards for addiction treatment counselors in the state of California and beyond.
With great gratitude, respect and sincerity,
Drew Williams, MA, CATC IV
Chair, ACCBC