Renew Credential

Renewal and Recertification

The Purpose of recertification, or renewal of certification, is to enhance the quality of addiction counseling delivered to the public and to meet the requirements for recertification by the ACCBC.

To support this purpose, renewal/recertification requires continuing education courses that enhance professional development and recognize learning opportunities that are specifically related to providing AOD counseling beyond entry-level. This is accomplished through continuing education courses that are specifically related to the topics on the CATC exam; counseling skills (basic courses), including at the Masters level, may not be used for renewal. These continuing education courses must also be approved for content and high standards.

Renewal/Recertification Cycle

Renewal/recertification is required every two years. The two-year recertification cycle was selected to conform to California Code of Regulations Section 13055. The two year recertification cycle was adopted by the ACCBC based on the understanding that the practice of AOD changes over time and that new techniques and understanding are introduced to the field on an ongoing basis. Qualified counselors participate in frequent and ongoing learning and professional development through participation in activities designed to increase an individual’s knowledge, awareness, and/or skills in AOD counseling.

Renewal/Recertification Requirements

CATCs must obtain 40 TAP 21-specific CEHs/CEUs every two years. 9 of those hours must be in addiction-specific laws and ethics. ACCBC requires that all CATCs must obtain CEHs/CEUs from providers that meet TAP 21 criteria and federal standards. Evidenced by either a certificate of completion from the provider and/or a signed letter from the provider documenting CEHs/CEUs. In both cases, the topic of the education and the hours must be listed as well as any provider numbers.

Renewal/Recertification Applications – Renew Here

A complete a CATC renewal/recertification application includes:

1) Non-refundable payment of the recertification fee

2) Proof of 40 units of continuing education hours including 9 hours of ethics. Certificates of completion that include a title, date, and CEU awarded, must be submitted with the application.

3) Completed application


Fill out the CATC renewal application form, pay fee (see ACCBC payment page) or either fax, email or mail form, proof of continuing education, and payment (make checks payable to CAADE/ACCBC) to:

Addiction Counselor Certification Board of California

5230 Clark Ave, Suite #1, Lakewood, CA, 90712

Ph: (800) 991-2997 Fax: 562-275-3150  Email:


Incomplete Applications

Recertification applications are considered incomplete if any of the required information is missing and/or illegible, or the appropriate fee is not included. Recertification applications must be complete before they are processed and approved. Address Changes; certified individuals are responsible for notifying ACCBC in writing of any changes in address, including email address. Certification renewal is the responsibility of each certified individual. The ACCBC is not responsible for notices that fail to reach certificants.

  • The ACCBC reserves the right to verify any information provided on recertification applications.
  • All recertification applications are reviewed to ensure that all requirements are met.

Certification program staff review applications to confirm that all submitted CEUs are valid. Recertification applications are checked for all required documents, including continuing education certificates. Certificates are checked for providers that meet TAP 21 criteria and federal standards, date, and topic. If CEUs are not acceptable the applicant is notified by email or phone.

Certification program staff complete an Ethics Violation check with all other certifying organizations in California as well as the DHCS online file of sanctions and revocations. If the counselor has not had a sanction or revocation of their credential, a check is made with the DHCS website and the two other CO searchable databases online to insure that the CATC has not been revoked or suspended. The paper file is updated, the database required information is updated, and a certificate is issued.

The certification manager will issue a renewal notice and new certificate to the certificant once all recertification requirements have been met. Recertification applications will not be accepted from individuals whose certification is in a state of suspension or has been revoked.