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The three types of registration are:

**Effective 02/20/2020: All registration and certification documents issued by the ACCBC office must reflect the full legal government name of the counselor. **

1. Student Registration is open to individuals who have not taken/passed the CATC exam and who are currently enrolled in (or have completed) an approved Alcohol and Drug Studies/Addiction Studies program (AOD/ADS) (for a list of approved programs, please refer to Student Registrants will be issued a Registered Addiction Counselor (RAC) registration credential.

2. Individual Registration

3. Intern Registration is open only to those who have already passed the CATC examination but are not yet fully certified.

Intern Registrants will be issued an “-i” registration credential, which replaces the RAC for registrants that have passed the CATC Exam.

PLEASE NOTE: Registration renewal is the responsibility of each registered individual – the ACCBC does not send out renewal notices. We do not expedite applications under any circumstances. Please be sure to submit applications at least thirty (30) calendar days prior to expiration, because processing time takes up to 30 days. Applications that are incomplete when submitted, due to the applicant not including all required documentation, can be delayed longer than 30 days. Please plan accordingly to account for the processing time. Renewal Applications will not be accepted more than sixty (60) calendar days prior to expiration.

This situation best describes me:

I am currently registered with CAADE’s ACCBC and want to renew one of the three aforementioned registration types.

I have never been registered with a certifying organization and want to register for the first time with the ACCBC.

I was formerly registered with the ACCBC and want to reinstate my registration, and I am currently registered with another Certifying Organization (CO), and my current registration with the other CO is not expired. Registration Reinstatement is ONLY for individuals that were registered with CAADE’s ACCBC prior to loss of accreditation on 12/01/2017, now hold current registration with another CO, and wish to return to ACCBC.  Reinstatement is a one-time process. 

I have never been registered with the ACCBC and I want to transfer my current, unexpired registration from another Certifying Organization (CO).


Per California Code of Regulations (CCR) Title 9, Chapter 8, Subchapter 3, Section 13035(f)(1) and (2): “Registrants shall complete certification as an AOD counselor within five (5) years of the date of registration (with ANY Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) approved certifying organization)” and “the certifying organization may allow up to two (2) years additional time for a leave of absence due to medical problem or other hardship…”. No more than seven (7) total years of registration time from date of initial registration with any DHCS approved certifying organization will be allowed, in compliance with State regulations.  Please see the Hardship Request Application if this applies to you. 

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