New Transfer Registration


Registration Transfer is not a Registration Renewal. If your registration is within sixty (60) days of expiring, or is already expired, please renew your registration instead.

Registration Transfer applies to individuals that have never been registered with the ACCBC; and currently hold a valid, unexpired registration with another DHCS approved Certifying Organization (CO); and would like to transfer that registration to the ACCBC.


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Applicants using the Registration Transfer to transfer registration from another DHCS approved Certifying Organization to the ACCBC will receive a new registration with expiration dates based on their original registration issue date, ACCBC transfer date, and the remaining time on their current registration with the other DHCS approved Certifying Organization. You will be receiving the same expiration date of the registration that you are transferring in from the other certifying organization.

Applications will be reviewed within thirty (30) calendar days upon receipt by the ACCBC office. We do not offer expedited application services, so please be sure to submit your application at least thirty (30) calendar days prior to your expiration date to ensure that your employment is not affected. If your application is approved, the applicant will be notified within thirty (30) calendar days by postal mail with a letter of approval and a copy of the new registration card. If your application requires additional documentation or is incomplete, the applicant will be notified by the ACCBC office within thirty (30) calendar days by both email and postal mail with the steps required to complete the application. Failure to submit a complete application will delay the processing time of this application. If an application remains incomplete beyond ninety (90) calendar days after date received by the ACCBC office, it will be voided and will require submission of a new application and fees. If that application still remains incomplete after ninety (90) calendar days from the first date it was received by the ACCBC office, even if additional documents have come in during those ninety (90) days, the application will be voided if it is still incomplete. The ninety (90) days does not start over each time additional documents are submitted; however, the thirty (30) day processing time policy DOES start over when additional documents are submitted later by an applicant in order to satisfy an incomplete application. It will be the applicant’s responsibility to provide missing documentation before the application will be processed. Please keep copies of all submitted documents for your records; any documents submitted to the ACCBC will not be returned to you. Applications will not be approved until ALL required documents have been submitted with the correct information and fees have been paid in full.