Registration Reinstatement


Registration Reinstatement is not a Registration Renewal. If your registration is within sixty (60) days of expiring, or is already expired, please renew your registration instead.

Registration Reinstatement applies to individuals who were previously registered with ACCBC; and have transferred to a DHCS approved Certifying Organization (CO); and hold a current, unexpired registration with one of those COs; and want to transfer that registration back to ACCBC.

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Applicants using the Registration Reinstatement to transfer back to ACCBC from another DHCS approved Certifying Organization will receive a new registration with expiration dates based on their original registration issue date, ACCBC transfer date, and the remaining time on their current registration with another DHCS approved Certifying Organization. You will be receiving the same expiration date of the registration that you are transferring in from the other certifying organization.