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SIMPLE STEPS TO BECOMING A  Certified Addictions Treatment Counselor (CATC)

1. Attend a regionally accredited AOD/Addiction Studies Program or demonstrate you have met the requirements for equivalency.

2. Register with the ACCBC when you have enrolled in classes. You must
register with one of the certifying organization immediately upon beginning work in any state-licensed addiction treatment agency, per state regulations.

3. The ACCBC requires a total of 255 total fieldwork/practicum hours while in school. Supervisor must be a certified addiction counselor or a licensed MFT, LCSW, LPCC, Psychologist or MD.

4. You have five years from the date of registration with the ACCBC to become fully certified (you may apply for a hardship extension).

5. Complete College AOD/Addiction Studies Program or equivalent and obtain a copy of the college’s certificate of completion and school transcripts.

6. Apply to take the CATC exam upon graduation from College AOD/Addiction Studies Program or equivalency program.

7. Take and pass the CATC exam and apply to become CATC-i (CATC intern).
8. Complete total of 2240 hours (or 3000 equivalency hours) of supervised internship (include all hours of internship and/or work experience dating back to the first date of valid registration).
9. Log all hours on ACCBC Summary of Hours form (available at, no more than 40 hours per week can be counted.
10. Once 2240 total hours are complete, apply for the initial CATC credential (forms available at


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